Our Mission

The mission of the Town of Mineral is to protect, maintain and enhance the sense of community, historical heritage and charm of central Virginia small town living in the context of growth and progress.

It is on this rich mining history the Town of Mineral has, over time and in layers, built an identity and sense of community character. Preservation of this history and charm is paramount.

We aim to equip our residents and the businesses in our town with information, resources and services to experience the town’s quality of life. Through preservation and maintenance of our shared spaces, rural spaces and through Town centered growth, the Town of Mineral aims to maintain its charming character as it makes way for progress.

We invite residents and businesses to participate in local government by applying to sit on a committee or commission.

Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan to take into account the growth of Mineral and outline goals.


Please take a look at our town code to see zoning restrictions and local legislation.

Town Zoning Map

This zoning map lays out residential and business zoning throughout the town of Mineral, VA.

Freedom of Information

The Rights of the Requester and the Responsibilities of the Department Under FOIA

Business License Application

Meals Tax Form


Transient Occupancy Tax Form

Water Deposit Application

Zoning Permit Application

Walton Park Long Application

Employment Application


Permit to Discharge Bows

Town Map


See residential, business and development zones that are available or taken in the town of Mineral. The map is in PDF format and is available to print or download

  GIS Map

Town Council Members

Bernice Wilson Kube

P.O Box 841
Mineral, VA 23117
Phone (540) 894-1299

Roy "Snake" McGehee

P.O. Box 222
Mineral, VA 23117
Phone (540) 894-5771

Doswell "Tex" Pierce

P.O. Box 472
Mineral, VA 23117
Phone (540) 894-5728

Tom Runnett

P.O. Box 31
Mineral, VA 23117
Phone (540) 894-4244

Town Staff

Sal Luciano
Town Manager

Phone (540) 894-5100

Andrea Erard
Town Attorney

Phone (540) 894-5100

Ti-Lea Downing
Town Clerk

Phone (540) 894-5100

Lisa Yates
Asst. Town Clerk

Phone (540) 894-5100

Rick Otstot

Ryan Norwood

Town Committees

Water and Sewer

*Tom Runnett - Email
Doswell “Tex” Pierce
* indicates Chairperson of the committee